This is the AAPWG walkthrough!

Part 1/5: The Glitch Edit

Start at Jaller2 WiKill. Jaller2 will chew on an Energy Wire. IF you go near it, the server will start crashing. Mathika will start guiding you rather than the AAPW. Before you talk to Jaller2, go to Mathika's page to learn more about him. Go to the Tablet Combination link. Type the combination on WiKill's talk. He will put "Padlocked by <username>" at the top of Glitch. That means you can proceed. Click on the word Padlocked to advance.

Part 2/5: Freeing Unknown4 Edit

Enter the combination at the search bar. Then talk to Unknown4. Go to Snowmaster's page. He wants you to find his ice wand pieces. The first one is at the page itself. The second one is in the Underground Caverns. Russian One will dig. Keep refreshing until she finds the gem. The core can only be found in the Telebox every Saturday at 3:00. Jaller2 will take the Ice Wand. Go to Main Page. Click on the word Core. Unknown4 will be free.

Part 3/5: Lunch Break Edit

Type in MLNW Market, CPW Creams, WCW's Steakhouse, or TCPW Foods ATBP to eat and hang out before going back on the job.

Part 4/5: WiKill's Last Stand Edit

Europea will be your guide in italics. Type in Trapped Spirits in the search bar. Read the guide, then type in F7. It will show you a red ruby! Either smash or give!

Give Edit

WiKill will revert back to normal. Type in Battle in the Search Bar. Then, type in Overwhelm. Click the link to go to the CPW, WiKill's, RO's, and U4's homeland!

Smash Edit

Type in Lava to throw Jaller2 into the lava.

Part 5A/5: Reunion Edit

Go on the CPW shoutbox and type in AAPW!

Part 5B/5: An Unhappy Ending Edit

Type in End at the search bar to complete this switch half. Then read and type in Lava Dip. It shows that your guides weer actually the Possesser's Minions. Type in CPW in the box to complete this split section of the game.